A cattle herder from Cameroon
Image: © The School of Life

A cattle herder in Cameroon, a brain surgeon in Texas, a farmer in Yorkshire: a look at working days around the world

Ever wondered what an architect in Mongolia and a hairdresser in South Korea could possibly have in common? These School of Life videos are about the thing that ties them, and billions of other people around the world, together: work. 

Love it or hate it, we've all got to , wherever we are. Especially in a world as connected as ours, we rely on other people's work all the time – whether they run the newsagent's down the road or work on a farm on a completely different content. But it's really rare that we actually get to see what a working day is like for people we might never meet, and that's what we love about these films: they're showing the human faces behind the goods and services we all rely on every day.

Check them out and let us know what you think – and if you'd like to make a short film about your working life, get in touch via contribute@ecnmy.org!

A Working Day – Farmer, Yorkshire
A Working Day – Brain Surgeon, Texas
A Working Day – Cattle Herder, Cameroon
A Working Day – Newsagent, Birmingham
A Working Day – Taxi Driver, Liberia
A Working Day – Hairdresser, Seoul
A Working Day – Architect, Mongolia

All the films and more can be found via The School of Life's YouTube channel.

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