In 2016 YouGov asked the UK public if they felt “politicians and the media talk about economics in a way that is accessible and easy to understand”.

Only 12% answered yes.

We’re carrying out further research on how people feel about economics, and we've started our campaign for understandable economics to help people connect with a subject that affects us all.

We’re working with expert journalists, politicians, the forefront of academia, and the financial industry to help build better ways to communicate with the public about economics. We're calling this "Understandable Economics".

What is 'Understandable Economics'?

  • Clear: not so much jargon please
  • Real: let's talk about real tangible effects
  • Transparent: let's be clear about the values, facts and assumptions behind any policy
  • Diverse: we need an economics that's not dominated by an older white male
  • Available: economics needs to exist in places that it currently doesn't


Here's a little bit more about what we mean:

Clear Understandable economics knows there’s an appropriate time for jargon. There’s a better kind of language we can use when addressing the general public and talking about economics.
Real Understandable economics relates directly to the lives that we live everyday. Let’s have conversations about real lives, real people, and real effects.
Transparent Understandable economics is open and aware of how it makes decisions. It’s honest about the values behind its propositions, and the process by which they are made.
Diverse Understandable economics reflects the diversity of the world it serves. Unfortunately economics is currently dominated by white men – this has got to change.
Available Understandable economics is in the hands of all citizens of the world. Let’s teach it in schools, and make resources available to everyone.

Want to help us achieve this?

If you'd like to be part of creating an economics that's clear, transparent, diverse, available, and real, then join our community of volunteers, or get in touch at You can also read more about donating to Economy, from small to large amounts, we appreciate and rely on your support.

Click here to download our campaign booklet

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