Don’t go! It’s not you, it’s economics.

In 2016 we asked the UK public if they felt ‘politicians and the media talk about economics in an accessible way’.

Only 12% answered yes.

We think the subject should be clear, real and diverse. So we started the campaign for understandable economics.


Making sense of what just happened
They're wreaking havoc on our inbox, but they're also trying to protect our rights
by 2 days ago
By making shareholders of businesses pay the same tax as workers. Simple!
by 2 days ago


Real people talking about real economics
Sun. Sea. Surfeit. Yes, we fancied a holiday, so last week we took to the exotic beaches of Hawaii to ask people for their thoughts on the economy. Here's what they said...
We spoke to London's keenest cosplayers about ComiCon and economics. Here's what they said
"I am financially poorer, though obviously personally very enriched"


Our bite-size guide to the economy around you


Economics in unexpected places
For Joe Bloom, a developing anxiety order saw his spending spiral out of control. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break, he says
by 10 Aug 2017
To mark International Women's Day, Professor Naila Kabeer looks back over the history of feminist economics and outlines her reasons why it matters for the future
by 08 Mar 2018
“Nothing really surprises me anymore.”
by 17 Nov 2017
We look at the banking system that let it happen, and whether anything's changed since then
by 22 Sep 2017
We asked ten year olds, teenagers and a bunch of festival goers to draw an economist for us. Anyone notice a theme...?
by 03 Mar 2016
Sometimes we can forget how simple money really is...
by 03 Mar 2016


our monthly look at the strange places we find economics
I'm more excited to go shopping than to that bad?!
— Sarah (designer, shopaholic, Christian)
"Everyone has a view on religion. We want to inform the debate, rather than inflame it."
by 13 Apr 2017
I'm more excited to go shopping than to that bad?!
— Sarah (designer, shopaholic, Christian)

We think economics should be for everyone

We think economics should be for everyone