Don’t go! It’s not you, it’s economics.

In 2016 we asked the UK public if they felt ‘politicians and the media talk about economics in an accessible way’.

Only 12% answered yes.

We think the subject should be clear, real and diverse. So we started the campaign for understandable economics.


Making sense of what just happened
That's before you even start to factor in how much your family background influences your likelihood of being wealthy.
by 15 Nov 2019
Rhinos are killed because their horns are so valuable. So some conservationists are trying to reduce the price.
by 22 Nov 2019
Some companies have started trialing four-day working weeks to see if we work better when we work less.
by 08 Nov 2019


Real people talking about real economics
"My belief is that you do any job you can as long as you do it with respect"
We spoke to some vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores about their food choices and why they made them
"I am financially poorer, though obviously personally very enriched"


Our bite-size guide to the economy around you


Economics in unexpected places
Workers strikes, climate change, and the fact that we love them so much is driving prices up
by 04 May 2017
Cate Blanchett, Danny Glover, Gene Kelly, Ray Manzarek, Paul Newman, Aung San Suu Kyi, Will Self, Arsene Wenger. Believe it or not, they all studied economics before they became famous
by 03 Mar 2016
Opium production in Afghanistan went up by 43 per cent last year. Here's how an illegal industry is so huge, and so difficult to shut down
by 16 Nov 2016
They came, they conquered, they crashed… or did they? I talked to as many investment bankers as I could to find out just how Wolf Of Wall Street banking really is.
by 21 Sep 2017
To mark International Women's Day, Professor Naila Kabeer looks back over the history of feminist economics and outlines her reasons why it matters for the future
by 08 Mar 2018
‘Planned obsolescence’ is internet conspiracy theory gold. But there’s truth in it, and it’s driving our obsession with trash
by 01 Nov 2017


our monthly look at the strange places we find economics
Some animal rights orgs say possessing animals is immoral.
by 13 May 2019
Are you a dog person? A cat person? A stick-insect person?
by 13 May 2019

We think economics should be for everyone

We think economics should be for everyone