What is the economy?

There are many different definitions. But here at Economy we define ‘the economy’ as the complex systems organising the production, distribution and consumption of resources (such as money, jobs, housing and food) in a geographical area. These systems are embedded in and dependent on the environment and can and should be organised through participatory and deliberative democracy. 

Economic systems – at a local, national and global level – are currently not working for everyone in society. There is widespread agreement across the political spectrum that we need to ‘build back better’ and Economy supports this call. Why not join the conversation and get involved?

Voices of the Economy

We’re starting a conversation everyone can be part of
Kevin McLouglin is the CEO of McLoughlin Group, a painting and decorating company that was a subcontractor of Carillion when it collapsed.
by 05 Aug 2022
As with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector are at the frontline in supporting people through the crisis.
by 20 Oct 2022
Millions of people who were comfortably-off in 2019 are now falling into poverty.
by 11 Aug 2021
The USA has a long history of failing to provide health-improving resources to many of its people.
by 18 Aug 2021
Quarantine-free travel has been linked to Covid vaccinations, which younger Brits were put at the back of the queue for.
by 19 Jul 2021
Governments say the cramped conditions in which they live increases the risk of the virus spreading.
by 07 Jul 2021

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From work and pay to education and childcare - big decisions are being made on economic issues that affect us all. Add your voice to the conversation and help us collect stories, opinions and ideas to show our government which decisions need to be made to ensure our economy works for everyone.

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We think economics should be for everyone

We think economics should be for everyone