Your Economics

Hopefully the previous sections have demonstrated how the economy is really just seven billion people’s stories, experiences, and choices. It involves everything from consumer choices we make in our homes, to the jobs available to us when we start work, to the system our governments have in place to support us in old age. So what exactly is economics?

If the story of each of our individual economies is so diverse, the discipline to study them should surely reflect the same diversity. The topics below are just a few ideas on what could help shape your economics. It might be your history and politics, your art and culture, your values and traditions. People have only been studying economics as a discipline of its own for less than 200 years, and we’ve only recently started thinking of it as the highly mathematical, value-free, abstract subject it’s often perceived to be today.

We’re convinced that we could all be citizen economists, and shape what the next period of the history of economics looks like. Using the framework below, or whatever you feel fits your ideas best, tell us what you think economics is, and what you think it should be.