Understanding the Economy
A Narrative View

What is the Economy?

The economy is all around us. When you apply for a job, learn a skill, buy a drink or go on a trip, you’re making decisions which are shaping the economy around you. The key thing is, so is everybody else; and it’s time we learnt a bit more about how it all hinges together so we can start a wider conversation on what our economies should look like.

Having a good understanding of the economic terms and debates that are happening around us can give us the confidence to engage with the conversations happening in the media and politics that often feel disconnected from our daily lives. What’s more, it really isn’t that complex – it all starts with you.

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You You


It’s easy to think you’ve got nothing to do with the economy – you can’t see it, feel it, or engage with it in any tangible way. But in fact the economy is just the result of how you live your life and how everyone around you lives theirs…

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Your Home Your Home

Your Home

… most of us live in a home of friends, family, or with a partner. Our homes are like mini-economies, with their own systems of dividing up work, providing resources, and exchanging skill-sets. Not only do these affect our ideas of who does what on a wider scale, our homes themselves and where they’re located have an effect on the economy around us, and the economy we experience.

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Your Livelihood Your Livelihood

Your Livelihood

So how do we get what we need to live? Our livelihoods are our own personal answer to that question, whether it be job in a factory, setting up a start-up, or taking time out to travel. But the economy we live in affects the choices we have in setting up our livelihoods, and we rely on so many other workers around us to be able to do what we do… how do we get the balance right?

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Your Workplace Your Workplace

Your Workplace

It’s not just about what you do, it’s where you do it. Workplaces can create and cut jobs, borrow money and interact with the financial market, and buy and sell products from other workplaces, affecting their financial situations. There’s also the question of whether our workplaces should be taking care of us, or whether that’s the government’s job…

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Your Money Your Money

Your Money

…and who’s getting the bill for all this? Money is such a core part of the economy, and a lot of economic power lies in the hands of those who print it, earn it, and spend it. But money’s not just as a tool for exchange; it’s taken on a value in itself, and there’s a whole economy around money alone…

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Your Society Your Society

Your Society

We live in the same neighbourhood, area, country, and planet with about seven billion other people, and our economies inevitably overlap all the time. That means the economic choices we make might have consequences outside our control, and someone else’s choices might have a direct effect on your economy – even if you’ve never met them before…

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Your Government Your Government

Your Government

…so how are all our groups and communities in society linked to together? On some level or another, we’re all governed by the same state, whether we like it or not – via paying taxes, using public services, or complying with regulation in our businesses and purchases… so how do we come to a consensus on what role the government should play in the economy?

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Your World Your World

Your World

We’ve moved beyond a world where your country was all that matters. Our economies have become bigger than we realise. Things we use are less and less likely to come from our own country and more likely to have been imported from a country across the globe – this has become so normal that we’ve forgotten what a huge implication this has for how our economies work…

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Your Future Your Future

Your Future

…So where next? Not only do economic ideas shape the institutions and communities we live in, they also influence our own ideas of personal success – be it earning well, achieving a ‘Dr.’ or ‘CEO’ at the front of our label, or living a sustainable life. But what with the speed at which technology is transforming our economies, we can barely predict what ‘s in store for our economies and where we’ll fit in…

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Your Economics Your Economics

Your Economics

…and more importantly, what on earth is economics? This whole website is about starting a conversation about what economics is and could be. To work that out, we’ll need to look back at how this discipline emerged in the first place, what so-called ‘economists’ do, and what the future of economists could look like if we all became ‘citizen economists’.

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