Team Economy

Our in-house team...


Ali Norrish | Head of Research & Schools
Ali was an English student but realised economics is a humongous story we tell to make sense of the world that seriously needs more imagination. Thinks economics needs more everyday humans who do irrational stuff they don't get paid for. Those are the best bits. Living proof that you can talk about basically nothing but economics for years and your friends will still love you anyway. Now runs our Schools programmes across London using the Act toolkit (this.)


Clare Birkett | Head of Adult Education
Clare is Economy's part time Head of Adult Education, working with partners across the UK to run community workshops for adults. Clare joined Economy in 2016. Her experience spans the new economy, international development, and environment sectors. Clare holds an MSc in Environment & Development from SOAS, and an MSc in Linguistics and French from the University of Edinburgh. Clare has lived in Belgium, France and Spain, speaks English (native) and French, and tries her best to speak Spanish and Italian. Clare is a keen netballer, and also dabbles in some singing, cycling and sewing.


Emily PilkingtonOperations Officer

Emily is the Operations Officer at Economy. After completing a BA in Economics she has been on a personal journey of encouraging people to take an interest in economics - so she can have more people to discuss it with. When not organising the operations of Economy she can be found organising festivals - yes, she loves a clipboard.

Joe Earle

Jonah Earle | Chief Executive
Jonah grew up in London and studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Manchester. Feeling that the economics he was taught wasn’t help him understand the world, he helped set up the Rethinking Economics student movement. He’s a co-author of a book called The Econocracy: on the perils of leaving economics to the experts and does research on how to build healthier local economies. He also loves playing football and is a lapsed part-time poet always hoping to make a comeback.


Beth Leslie | Editor

Beth is a long-time writer and new-ish economist. She became interested in economics when she realised it was a great way to both better understand the world around her and to win more pub quizzes. She divides her time between being Economy’s Editor, hunting out the world’s most scenic hikes, and spearheading her one-woman mission to discover the best craft beer in London.


Abdul Boudiaf | Video Producer

Abdul grew up in Tottenham, London. After witnessing the 2011 London riots as a young teenager he became interested in politics beyond the ballot box. He wanted to understand how events like the shooting of Mark Duggan can catalyse public unrest. Abdul continued to explore these interests by studying politics and international relations at SOAS. During his time at university he became disillusioned with academia and began exploring other mediums of knowledge production that lead him to video and film production. Abdul is fascinated with reflecting the socioeconomic realities of everyday life through film.


...and our trusty trustees

Ann Don Bosco currently leads on the strategy for some of the government's biggest behaviour change campaigns on behalf of Public Health England including Change4Life and Talk to FRANK. Prior to this she consulted for a wide range of organisations including the Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola and Telefonica, helping them to align business success with social impact. She has also set up her own social enterprise, Talk to me, and has a wealth of experience in communications, marketing and strategy.

Aoife O'Leary is a lawyer who uses her skills to advocate for the environment. Having campaigned for years to get planes and ships to pay for the pollution they admit, she was constantly told that it was all about the economy when trying to persuade policy-makers to do something (anything!) for the climate. So she took up economics on the side, was disappointed by what she found but then was delighted to discover Rethinking Economics (which she is also a trustee of) and Economy.

Ben Hughes has worked across the non-profit sector for many years, developing and leading membership associations that work towards social justice. Recent policy changes to the way civil society is viewed combined with a growing gap between rich and poor has drawn Ben into the world of economics - and to developing an all together different approach, that's inclusive, makes sense, is fun (!) and that works for all.

Louise Russell-Prywata is a charity sector professional with over 10 years' experience in campaign and organisation development, community engagement and fundraising. Louise is Head of Development at the anti-corruption campaign group Transparency International UK. Prior to this, she co-founded the successful youth media outlet Reprezent FM, and worked as a fundraiser and for local and national non-profits. When she's not reading about economics and talking about why it matters, Louise enjoys cooking and running (slowly).

Rachel Rickard Straus is a money journalist. She is currently personal finance and assistant editor at This is Money, Mail Online's Money channel and presenter of the Big Money Questions show. She writes about the economy, always asking and answering the question 'what does it mean for you?'

Will Horwitz is Chair of Trustees at Economy. He is a civil servant currently based in the Ministry of Justice. He has previously worked for Department for Work and Pension and HMRC. He was a student organizer with the Rethinking Economics movement while studying for an MA in Political Economy, and has also worked in the charity sector for several years in policy and campaigning roles in Oxford and London.