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What we're looking for

Our target audience is people who are confused by, feel disempowered by, or simply don't identify with economics. We want ideas with passion, personal interest and/or topical relevance, presented with humor, imagination, and creativity. If you’ve got those, we’ll help you find the right angle for Economy.

We're looking for content that's:

Relevant to daily life In the news Making sense of the dry stuff
An entertaining take on how an economic idea could help explore anything from food to sport to movies A clear and timely explanation of how economics plays a part in the latest news in sports, tech, politics, celebrities, culture Straightforward, grounded, accessible coverage of what's going on in the financial press and why it matters to daily life

It's really important to us that our content is accessible, conversational, and jargon-free. We're a news and entertainment platform, not a textbook.

See here for some tips on the tone, style, and structure of the perfect Economy piece!

You might feel you don’t know enough about economics to create content for a site called Economy but fear not – just pitch us your idea. We're looking for comedians, illustrators, video producers, cartoonists – anyone and everyone with a creative lead on the lives we lead, the choices we make, the things we love, and everything in between. 

Got a pitch for us?

Awesome – send it over to in the following format:

  • The introductory paragraph to your piece
  • Five bullet points outlining the story arch and conclusion of your piece
  • Any examples of previous work
  • Sources, deadline & rates (we're a charity with limited funds, so ask that you keep this in mind in your proposal!)


Please note that written pieces should not exceed 1000 words – the shorter, the better. Where possible, please submit your article as a Google Doc.

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