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Report 2018: Doing Economics Differently

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Here's some scary stats for economists everywhere:

* Just 25 percent of the UK population trust economists, compared to the 71 percent who trust scientists

* 55  percent of Leave voters in the EU referendum felt that the economists talking about the economic impact of Brexit before the vote had based their comments on "mainly personal... [and] political opinions and affiliations"

(Source: YouGov/Economics Network)

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This is what schoolchildren draw when asked what an economist looks like.

We at Economy don't think that's very good at all. We want conversation between professional economists and everyday people to be understandable, pluralist... and trustworthy.

So we interviewed economic professionals in the Civil Service, finance and consultancy industries to find out what they thought economists should be doing differently. We put the results into our brand-new report, which we launched on Thursday 27th September 2018.

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We found strong support for:

* More communication between economists and non-economists

* Less jargon in economic discussions

* More diversity in the economics profession 

* More pluralism in economic perspectives and methods 

So along with our sister charity, Rethinking Economics, we're calling for a new professional public interest economics. We want to support economists in all professions set up networks to increase their understanding of plural economic perspectives. 

Part 1 - Vision

"This report makes clear the importance of pluralism and communication to addressing the challenges facing the wider economics profession... Its vision of professional economics in the 21st century is ambitious. With the support it deserves, it is also achievable."

- Andy Ross, Former Deputy Director of the Government Economic Service (quote from our Foreword).

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Andy.


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Report 2017: Exploring How People Feel About Economics

We've released our latest research report exploring how people feel about economics. Download the report below.

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Exploring how people feel about economics - contents page
Exploring How People Feel About Economics - Research Report 2017

 What if we designed a better 'user experience' for the economy?

Everything we do at Economy is learning. From asking people how they feel about the word ‘economics’ to videos capturing reactions to recent economic stories, to large-scale polling of what we think of the news, we like to investigate the economy.

We're finding out how people experience and feel about a subject that affects us all - read our preview report on how people feel about the economy, and what it would take for them to identify with economics

We think if we explore how we currently think and feel about economics, find out what stops us feeling good about it, and ask people what needs to change, we can develop a way of talking about economics that's more useful, more 'user friendly', and just a little bit more, well, fun.


The research we do at economy ain't your normal economics research. We like to get out more.

Building a case for understandable economics

Through constantly evaluating what we're learning about how people experience economics and how it can be useful to them, we’re looking to identify what needs to change in order to make economics understandable and accessible. By presenting our findings in shareable formats, we’re providing dynamic, honest analysis of how good a job economics is doing at explaining itself.

We think we can find a way of talking about economics which is clear, transparent, diverse, available, and real. 

We’re calling it 'understandable economics' and we’d like you to help us build it.
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How to get involved

Whether you're a massive global firm, a would-be economist in your bedroom, or simply someone who's living in an economy (which is, basically, everyone) we want to hear from you.

Would you like to help shape our research methodology, conduct interviews, design questions, run focus groups, or just share your own insights into how people feel about economics or your experience of the economy?

Take part in our ambitious global research project and help us achieve an understandable economics that works for everyone.

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