These 5 films reveal the fascinating reality of globalization

NPR's Planet Money tracks the production of one t-shirt around the world
Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt: Cotton

These fascinating videos for NPR's Planet Money by filmmaker Joshua Davis follow the production of a typical t-shirt and explore the lives of those working in the modern garment industry.

has changed the way many people live and work. With millions working long hours for very low wages to produce the clothes that end up on Western high streets, the films ask whether the demand for cheap products helps or hurts the people who make them?

We feel like these films really bring to life how far a product travels, and how many people are involved in producing it, before reaching the shops. What do you think?

Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt: Machines
Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt: People
Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt: Boxes
Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt: You

All the films and more information can be found at Planet Money Makes A T-shirt

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