Video Producer

We’re seeking an ambitious, motivated, creative, entrepreneurial video producer to join our team.


We’re seeking an ambitious, motivated, creative, entrepreneurial video producer to join our team. Your job will be to execute a video strategy on our social media channels focused exclusively on creating shareable, engaging, and accessible content on economics. Your target audience is millennials who’d never call themselves interested in the subject, but know it affects the things they’re struggling to get to grips with -  house prices, paying back student debt, casting a vote. Your aim is to come up with ways of conveying economics news, concepts, and ideas for them that give them the tools and confidence to make healthier personal financial choices and to participate more effectively in democracy, taking part in more zoomed out conversation on what ‘the economy’ really is and how it works. Your content should also engage people in our movement to make economics for everyone, creating a sense of buzz and something that people want to be part of.  You’ll be producing content primarily for YouTube with a goal of building up our subscriber base, but everything you do should be adaptable for Facebook and Instagram and geared towards scaling up our reach and engagement on an exponential scale.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate:

  • Proven interest and experience in building engagement on social media channels (can be your own)
  • Proven understanding of trends and developments in millennial audiences’ video content consumption online
  • Demonstrated interest in making complex subjects accessible, particularly in relation to encouraging youth engagement in social issues, politics, and economics
  • Experience using DSLR video and lighting kit, Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Creative Cloud and a self contained shooter and editor
  • Strong communication skills, both with external partners and within a small, close-knit team
  • An ability to turn around content quickly (30 hours from concept to delivery)
  • An ability to interpret brand guidelines accurately and strongly
  • Willingness to do occasional pieces to camera, or find voices willing to do so
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Pro-active, can-do attitude about the challenges of working towards a big mission on a small budget
  • Commitment to the values and mission of Economy

Deadline: 12th November 2018 to 8am 10th December 2018

Interview: 12th and 13th December 2018

Final candidates phase two process: 14th-17th December 2018

Offer made: Tuesday 18th December 2018

Position commencement: January 2019

Click here to download the full job pack and details for applying.