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Sweden listed the whole country on Air BnB

For free!

The Swedish government really really wants you to go on vacation to Sweden. So much so, it just listed the whole country on AirBnB, for free.

Sure, it’s basically a big advertising stunt for the Swedish tourist board, but it’s also kind of cool – Sweden has a law called ‘freedom to roam’, or ‘Allemansrätten’ in Swedish (say that out loud, it's nice) which means that everyone has the right to go where they like in Sweden, for free.

Essentially, Sweden is like one big house, and its pretty insane natural landscape are the rooms for rent.

You get to sleep on mountaintops, by lakes, in quiet forests or in beautiful meadows. You can go kayaking, pick berries and mushrooms and flowers from the ground – all completely free of charge.


Sweden is one of those places that makes other countries look bad. There isn't much inequality, almost everyone's educated, social services actually work – basically what you think countries should probably be like. They also believe you should have to access all the things it has to offer. No matter who owns the natural habitat, everyone has the right to use it.

They seem to be pretty keen we all know how nice the landscape is (and the people are). Last year they ran a campaign where anyone all over the world could phone a number, and they’d be redirected to a random Swedish person for a little chat.

Anyone up for a trip?

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