The EU’s setting out its plan for Brexit, and Northern Ireland is not happy

I'm sorry, is that another Brexit story? Yes, yes it is

The EU's publishing the first draft of its Brexit treaty, which will say what it wants out of the whole UK leaving process.

It's expected to say that if Northern Ireland doesn't keep to the EU's rules, it will have to revert back to a 'hard border' with neighbouring Ireland.

What it means: What, More Brexit? Yup. This time it's the EU's turn to talk, and Northern Ireland is *not* happy. The UK government had told politicians in Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK) that it would under no circumstances return to a hard border with Ireland (which isn't part of the UK, and will remain part of the EU).

A hard border would mean having to show passports, and pay charges on trade. The Northern Irish economy and its ability to maintain peaceful relations with its neighbour relies heavily on the freedom of movement of people and goods across that border. The EU's saying without playing by its rules, that can't happen. As always, staaaaay tuned.

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