A beach in Hawaii

Economy Asks: Hawaii

Sun. Sea. Surfeit. Yes, we fancied a holiday, so last week we took to the exotic beaches of Hawaii to ask people for their thoughts on the economy. Here's what they said...

These holidaymakers thought they could just chill out, catch some rays and get away from it all. But no, we couldn't allow that! There's no escape from economics... 

... so we sent our intrepid reporter Sara to Ka'anapali Beach in Hawaii to find out what people there had to say about the economy and the way politicians and the media talk about it.

Alohanomics in action!
Economics, I guess would mean choice to me… how everyday decisions that people are making affect their financial lives and how it connects worldwide on a greater scale.

What does economics mean to you? How do you feel about the way the subject gets talked about in the media and by politicians? Let us know what you think below.

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