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Economy Asks: Detroit

As the US presidential nominations continue across the country, voters in Detroit share their feelings about the economy and the campaigns so far

Last week the primary elections came to Michigan, along with intense debates and rallies from the presidential candidates.

We took to the streets of Detroit to see what US voters thought about the economy and the election so far.

Although the responses came from Republicans, Democrats, those on the right and the left, many of whom had a good grasp of economics, most seemed to share confusion, frustration and even disappointment.

This is what these Michiganders had to say...

When you head to the voting booth, what issues are important to you?
Do you think the candidates have put enough emphasis on the economy?
When you hear the word economy, what does that mean to you?

Here are some of our favorite responses...

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One of the most outrageously uncomfortable, oddly confusing candidacies.
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I think America is already great.
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There’s a lot of dancing around… almost like high school.
Two US voters speak to Economy Asks in Detroit
This was suppose to be my first year voting but I’ve decided to stay out of this one and remain silent… I don’t want to be the reason for the world to come to an end.
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I’d like to know more.

Responses such as these demonstrate the uncertainty citizens face when choosing a candidate. This is perhaps especially true for people living in Detroit - a city that filed for bankruptcy only three years ago. Many of those we spoke to still feel uninformed about presidential candidates' economic plans for the future.

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