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Covid-19 & Healthcare [Podcast]

Over recent weeks we’ve heard stories about doctors in the UK having to choose who they save during this crisis, and shockingly, it’s been reported that the UK has the highest death toll from COVID in Europe to date.

In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how well the NHS is handling the COVID-19 crisis, what role healthcare funding has played in this response, and whether the current moment of crisis might present an opportunity for changes to our healthcare system.

Covid-19 has shown us how quickly & drastically things can change. GP appointments have been replaced with video & telephone consultations, online prescriptions have increased by 97%, & pockets of ordinary citizens are pulling together to support NHS staff.

We’re joined by Mariane Roesdahl, who is one of those very citizens. She has downed tools at her shop Camden Costumes to help run the North and East London branch of For the Love of Scrubs, a group of ordinary people who have come together to make scrubs and laundry bags etc. for hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Joining Mariane is Sonia Adesara, a medical doctor, and campaigner for migrants rights, gender equality, and reproductive health. She has an interest in health policy, and is a former National Medical director clinical fellow.

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