Lettering CO2 and drawing planet earth from grass and moss. The concept of ecology, air pollution and global warming.
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Covid-19 & the Environment [Podcast]

In a matter of months, the world has been transformed. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives, fallen ill or have lost someone that has succumbed to Covid-19. Places of industry, commerce & trade have become deserted. The UK’s pubs, shops & even public toilets have been closed & the aviation industry has been grounded globally, and many countries have even banned the consumption of wild animals. These are things that would have seemed unthinkable before the pandemic.

Civilisation’s sudden halt has had a considerable impact on our environment. Fish are now visible from the surface of the canals in Venice, big polluters have been dealt big blows to their profits and global CO2 emissions have dropped from 4-7%.

Many, and not only environmentalists, are seeing these environmental benefits of the crisis as some kind of silver lining, but do these silver linings come at a price? We’re here today to explore this further, with our guests Amanda Janoo, Lola Fayokun.

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