Everything we do at Economy should be...

Principle What this means...
inclusive Created for everyone, by everyone
empowering giving people confidence to take ownership over the economics in their own lives
playful catering to people’s varying tastes and learning styles, with a playful approach and friendly tone
balanced building trust by telling all sides of the story, leaving no perspective unheard

We’re committed to a horizontal approach...

Rethinking Economics is a horizontal member organization that sets direction based on consensus based decision making. Its leadership is always its student member groups, and it is incorporated as a charity within the UK.

Economy wants to reflect the same approach in the way we work with each other and with anyone and everyone who wants to be part of this project. Our editorial policy goes into the detail of what we do and don’t endorse as an organization, but our fundamental principle is that as long as it’s phrased in accessible language, there’s nothing that can’t be said and no-one’s voice that shouldn’t be heard when we’re talking about the economy.

We do our best to make sure that all of our content is mindful of the diversity of our users…

Cultural Socioeconomic Cognitive Ideological
Users come from different cultures and communities, and will understand concepts differently Content must be aware that some users will be used to low incomes, while others will be used to high incomes Content must cater for different preferences in user’s consumption of content Content must embody diversity of ideology, and present different debates

We seek to represent diversity in terms of (but not limited to) gender, race & ethnicity, nationality, age, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, religion or belief, education level, learning ability, physical ability, mental ability/capacity, physical health, HIV positivity, mental health, marital or civil partnership status, motherhood, parenthood and caring responsibility.

We want to source content from anyone and everyone, and are committed to providing a platform for a range of voices …

Contributor Description
Economists & Academics Specialists in the field of economics
Journalists & Multimedia Producers Content producers from any background eager to explore the economy
Artists & Public Figures Comedians, artists, illustrators bringing fresh approaches to the subject
Unheard Voices Those whose voice is often ignored in economic debate, but whose lives are fundamentally affected by it
Students Students in the Rethinking Economics network, and beyond
Users Anyone and everyone

We’re certain that economics can be for everyone...

And make sure that our content is appealing to people with any level of background knowledge in the subject, including …

Those of us that are switched off by talk of economics, feel like it’s got nothing to do with our lives and don’t trust the people behind it anyway
Those of us who have a good grasp of our personal finances but for lack of time or interest don’t tend to connect them to wider economic issues
Those of us who are politically conscious and actively engaged in society, but don’t see ourselves as technically qualified to talk about the economy
Those of us who engage with economics already, and are looking for a creative, down to earth, accessible space to talk about the issues we care about