Two soccer fans hold a sign that reads: 'Equal Play Equal Pay'

We asked US soccer fans what they make of the pay gap between male and female players

The USA women's soccer team got $2 million for winning the 2015 World Cup. That's four times less than the men got for going out in the first round. What do the fans think of this?

#EqualPlayEqualPay's been trending on Twitter recently, and for good reason. US female soccer players filed a federal wage complaint to the US Soccer Federation to find out why their male counterparts earned four times as much as them last year. 

It's not just soccer – the gender pay gap, as its called, is an issue that people talk about in lots of different jobs and sectors. Our intrepid reporter Sara Zayto went to see what US soccer fans had to say about it all – turns out not everyone thinks it's that much of a problem.

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