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Women are stereotyped in financial media

Women are 'splurgers', men are 'savvy'

A new study into the language used in financial media has found that women are presented as spenders with bad judgement. Articles directed at men – in men's magazine's for example – tended to talk about opportunities to make money, and playing the game.

What it means: According to the media, while men "invest" in a suit, women "splurge" on an expensive pair of shoes, the study points out. They're arguing that it's contributing to financial inequality.

The study coincides with a new campaign – #makemoneyequal – which wants the media and businesses to talk to everyone about money in the same way. We've talked about this issue before: read our piece on why it's so damaging to keep telling women they're bad with money.

The study, which was carried out by a bank called Starling, argues that it's based on an outdated image that men are 'providers' and women are 'spenders': Men make money, women waste it.

The thing is, it's proving pretty hard to shake the  stereotypes around the roles we're supposed to play in the economy. However far we get on trying to improve gender equality, there's still an expectation that men bring in money and women care for family. In other words: your gender will probably have a big impact on how you experience the economy.

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