Economy Asks: Religion

What would the economy look like if everybody followed your religion?

"People would have food to eat all the time, and they wouldn't have to pay for it"

Does the way the economy works sit comfortably with your religious beliefs? If everyone followed your religion, would the economy be better, or worse?

Whether it's down to the way a certain religion views the financial sector, or the way a country handles its money, religious views can have a lot to do with economics. So imagine a world where everyone believed in one religion – would the economy look different? Would it be better or worse? We asked people of different religions to see what they thought:

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  • Shit Break

    Minimum wage is a good thing to stop employers ripping people off (although this still happens) but the wage rise each year comes at a price… everything PRE minimum wage rise (April) council tax goes up, internet goes up, you pay more tax, phone bill rpi index rise kicks in, public transport goes up, food goes up… so you really don’t gain anything.