Wembley might get sold off to a US billionaire for £900m

But for the fans, 'Taco Bell Stadium' just isn't gonna cut it.

Rumour has it that Wembley Stadium may be sold off to US billionaire Shahid Khan, in a move that's angering everyone from fans to the stadium's former manager – despite the fact that it could fund £600m worth of grassroots football across the nation.

What it means: Shahid Khan's got a true rags-to-riches story: one minute he's 16 years old, washing dishes for 85p an hour, and the next he's one of the most successful automobile manufacturers and richest people in the world, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars – and possibly soon of the home of British football too.

Khan is offering £900m for the stadium. To the Football Association, that's good news: they still owe millions of pounds to public bodies who helped fund the thing in the first place. The money would support pitches, coaches, and facility renovations across the country, as well as clearing up the FA's debt.

But Wembley fans aren't too pleased with the idea. They're worried he may start charging English teams to play on the grounds. Campaigners want to know whether taxpayers will get their investment back. It's a patriotic thing, too – Ken Bates, former manager of the stadium, says despite being a Conservative he'd rather the stadium was nationalised, to keep it in the hands of British people.

Some are letting their imaginations run wild with the possibilities of it getting renamed after a US sponsor. What do we think – Taco Bell Stadium, McDonald's Stadium... Amazon Stadium?

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