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Wanted: a plus one (for the holidays only)

Wanted: a plus one (for the holidays only)

A social media phenomenon may be linked to consumerism.

‘Tis the season to find a new S.O., apparently. As the nights darken and the temperature drops, “cuffing season” - a term to describe human’s supposed preference for coupling up in autumn and winter - begins in earnest. Although the phrase started out as a tongue-in-cheek reference to an unverified dating phenomenon, there is actually some (emphasis on the ‘some’) data behind it. Men apparently find women more attractive in winter than summer, and Facebook reckons new relationships uptick around Christmas and Valentines Day, while breakups peak in summer months.

Look at the conversations around cuffing season, however, and most wannabe-cuffers cite the need for a plus one to enjoy autumn and winter-specific events and activities. From Halloween couples costumes to New Years kisses and, well, the entirety of Valentines Day, the depictions of this season we see marketed in holiday films, adverts and social media feeds are often heavily linked to relationships. Which opens up an interesting question - is cuffing season at least partly a side-effect of the economic need of businesses to constantly sell us stuff?

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