Impeach 45 T Shirt
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Is Walmart responsible for third party sellers’ anti-Trump products?

Twitter users react angrily to an 'Impeach 45' t-shirt on Walmart's marketplace

Donald Trump supporters were venting on Twitter last night over the discovery that Walmart's been selling 'Impeach 45' on their marketplace website. Walmart says it's not their responsibility.

What it means: It's a similar story to the whole debate around whether Facebook is responsible for the content people share on it.

Walmart has an online marketplace, like Amazon, where third party sellers can sell their stuff. The sellers are approved by Walmart at the beginning, and then the company stops watching: as long as they're not selling anything illegal or fake, Walmart doesn't get involved, or necessarily feel responsible for what's being sold there.

Twitter users were angry that an 'Impeach 45' shirt, insinuating that Trump (the 45th prez) should be kicked out, was being sold on the site.

But Walmart's done well from having a third party sales platform, and they don't want to regulate it to the point where there's no longer an incentive for people to use it. Plus, even Fox News pointed out there's probably a 'Make America Great Again' t-shirt floating around the website somewhere too, so it all evens out in the end.

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