Chinese students

The US is putting limits on visas for Chinese students

It's the latest move in the 'trade war' between the two countries

Remember that time when we were reporting all about the potential looming 'trade war' between China and the US? Yeah, that's back.

What it means: For a while, the US and China were throwing 'oh yeah-well-listen-to-this' style threats back and forth about placing limitations and barriers on trade with each other. Trump threatened to put taxes on Chinese goods sold in America so that less people would buy them. China came back with the same threat, the other way round. Eventually they both kind of left it.

Now it's back. A briefing from the White House says Trump wants to limit the amount and length of visas to Chinese citizens working and studying in areas like aviation, robots, or high-tech manufacturing... basically things China wants to get good at, and Trump doesn't want to give them any tips in.

He says it's about protecting 'intellectual property', which is just a way of saying America's 'know-how' of how to produce good tech. Intellectual property is an extremely valuable asset - if China cracked the US' code on how it produces electronic goods, they could go back to China and make all the same ones for less

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