The UK home secretary is under pressure to resign over ‘deportation targets’

When a hostile environment becomes *too* hostile

According to a 2015 document seen by journalists, immigration officials had a 'target' to deport 12,000 people from the UK.

What it means: This is all part of the escalating Windrush crisis (you can read more about that here). Recap: it's recently come to light that a lot of people who were living in the UK legally, were asked to leave the country.

Although people disagree on whether or not   is a good thing, the UK public and press seems to be pretty unanimous in its belief that the treatment of the Windrush migrants has been unfair. Some are calling for the home secretary Amber Rudd to step down.

The fear here is that immigration officials could have been under so much pressure to meet the target that legal migrants were caught up in the crackdown.

The UK government has an official policy to reduce 'net migration' (the number of people arriving in the UK minus the number leaving) to 100,000 a year. Under that policy, the government deliberately created what they themselves term a 'hostile environment' for immigrants. The problem is, it ends up being 'hostile' to the ones who are here legally too.

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