What’s the reaction to Trump’s inauguration?

Trump's just given his first speech as US president. We asked people what they thought, and what they expect for the economy under his administration

It's just 71 days since the US election, and Donald Trump has now been officially sworn in as president of the United States.

He was pretty obsessed with the "people" in his speech. So, we took to the streets of Washington to ask them, both Trump supporters and protestors, what their predictions are for the economy under the new president.

NB: Both men and women were asked to contribute, but women were very hesitant to answer, asking the men they were with to respond instead. All photos are by Kimberley Poff.

Trump supporter
This supporter is signed up to Trump's economic policies
Trump detractor
"Too big a word for Trump"
We're not sure either

And what about everyone else?

NBC News described the speech as "surprisingly divisive" for an inauguration speech. They believed it was playing into the wants of his supporters, but not necessarily helping heal the differences that have emerged since the campaign.

This view was reflected on Twitter, with lots of people saying it sounded more like a campaign speech – designed to rile people up and convince them to vote, rather than an inauguration speech.


Fox News, which has been largely support of Trump's campaign, took the opportunity to circulate a poll of its readers which showed optimism in the economy had risen since this time last year.

There's sure to be a lot of reaction and comment to the speech over the next few days. And, with a lot of focus on the economy in Trump's speech and campaign, it's likely to feature highly in the first few days of his presidency. Let's hope he deals with it as clearly and transparently as possible.

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