One of the ThinkForward team being interviewed about the economy

They asked us what the economy is. We didn’t have a clue… until we realised it was us

"I don't know" is what most of us young people would say if you ask us about the economy. We dug a little deeper. Here's what we found out...

We think it's really important for young people to feel more confident talking about the economy. To make this happen, we run school and community workshops to help people explore the subject and create work that reflects their efforts to find out more. Here's our first result!

This piece is written as a guest post by ThinkForward's young people at Raine's Foundation School.

"Victoria from Economy came into our school to talk to us about what we think the economy is, find out what people around us think the economy is, and see whether we think we're part of it or not.

At the beginning, we asked some of our friends... but they all seemed pretty clueless.

But to be honest, so were we. This is us:



... But by the end, we sounded more like this. Really, no one can have a full understanding of what the economy is: everyone's got their own opinion.


"We're doing this as part of our work with ThinkForward, a charity that works with young people to give them the support they need to transition successfully into higher education or sustained employment. It boosts our confidence, and helps us find out who we are."

Here's the full team:

Jessie-Leigh Polden – 15, producer

Ruben Estephane – 14, director

Emily Young – 15, producer

Luke Higgins – 15, editor

Caitlin Lawrence – 15, casting & recruitment

Joseph Hilson – 15, camera

What's your take on the economy? If you, your school, your workplace, or just your group of friends would like to make a video like this with us, get in touch at

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