These countries search for ‘guns’ more than they search for ‘puppies’

We're finding out what that says about their economies (honestly)

OK, OK, guns and puppies aren’t exactly related things, but you can pretty safely assume that people’s interest in guns, and how much they search them on the internet, has a lot to do with where they are in the world.

In the days and weeks following a shooting in Las Vegas which killed 58 people, a familiar debate has rolled on in the US: guns.

For the next two weeks we’ll be trying to answer a single question: when, if ever, is it OK to own a gun? Finding out who’s talking about them seemed like a pretty good place to start, using puppies as a comparison (people on the internet search for puppies a lot).


The results are pretty stark – have a look at where people search guns the most (the areas in darker blue) without the puppies. If you focus on English-speaking countries (in Russia, for example, they’d be searching “оружие” – thanks Google Translate) then it’s the US, and parts of Africa that lead the interest in guns.



Naturally, people have a lot of questions about guns: how much they cost, who gets to own them, who makes them, where you can use them.

We’re spending the next two weeks looking into it (guns, not puppies) so stay tuned.

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