Durham Miners Gala
Durham Miners' Gala, England

Dear Theresa May, “making the country work for everyone” means making economics work for everyone

As new UK Prime Minister Theresa May announces her government, we spoke to the people of Durham about what economics means to them and why they think politicians need to make more of an effort to understand the lives of 'ordinary people'

In her first speech as Prime Minister, Theresa May said life can be "much harder than many people in Westminster realise." A few days ago we spoke to people in the north east of England, who told us they thought politicians should get out of London and make more effort to understand people's lives in other parts of the country.

People also expressed their doubts about the way economics gets talked about. Some made the point that "economics is about people" and that they'd like to see it "talked about in a human way". If the new PM is really going to find a way to talk (and listen) to people, then she'll need to find better ways to discuss the economic issues that affect all our lives.

We've just checked the price of an advance day return to Durham on the train (£116.15), so perhaps Mrs May should get booking!

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