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“There’s an economic storm coming, and you don’t even have your wellies!”

Storms, threatening cocktails, crumbling foundations, bad smells. Politicians come up with all sorts of wacky ways to describe the economy, and not all of them make much sense. What would happen if we took them seriously?

Meet Rayyah and Amy, two concerned citizens on a mission to warn the world of the economic storms heading our way.

With everyone from Barack Obama to George Osborne to Justin Trudeau warning us that economic storms are looming, they felt they had little choice but to arm themselves with umbrellas and wellies and head to the streets of Westminster in London to warn the unsuspecting public about the disaster brewing right under our noses.

Somehow, no one else seemed too worried...

Next week: Seeing as no-one else seemed to recognise the severity of the economic storm, Rayyah and Amy decided to take it upon themselves to 'fix the economy'. Find out how it went next week! 


Credits to:

Rayyah McCaul (actor & producer)

Amy Fleming (actor)

Dea Gjinovci (camera operator)

Aliyah Norrish & Pau Riera (runners)

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