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Stop going to work when you’re sick

'Shocking' numbers of employees still turn up, despite illness

More people are still turning up to work when they're sick, rather than phoning in, a new report has found.

What it means: Of 1000 workplaces surveyed, 86 per cent said people had turned up to work sick, compared to 26 per cent in the same survey in 2010. Last year, the ONS said that the UK had 'lost' 137 million days to sickness, the equivalent of just over 4 days per person, and the lowest number on record.

This story's important because it shows how our working culture affects us (and our health). The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which carried out the survey, blamed a culture of 'presenteeism' – turning up for work or working long hours, just so you're seen to be doing it, or because your boss expects you to. The CIPD is blaming bosses for creating that kind of working culture, and said working environments where you feel like you can't even phone in sick contribute to anxiety and stress.

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