Starting salaries are rising faster than they have in three years

If you're thinking of being a nurse, engineer, or IT worker... do it

Starting salaries for people entering the job market in both permanent and temp jobs went up faster than they have in the last three years this May, a new report says.

What it means: We're always hearing about the 'labour market' in the news - that's just a word to sum up what jobs there are, how many candidates there are to fill them, and how good those candidates are.

Employers are having trouble finding people with the right skills – so if they meet one, they'll do whatever they can to get them on board.

Sounds like good news for us job-seekers: but sadly, the flame dies out pretty pronto. Once we're in work, the data shows a slow / virtually non-existent rate of wage growth.

Nursing, engineering, manufacturing, and IT are particularly hard to find good people for, the report says. The director of the organisation that released it, the REC, thinks the government has a responsibility to ramp up the UK skills base and 'ensure a balanced and evidence-based immigration system' – in other words, teach Brits to do the job, or bring in people who can.

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