Spanish manchego producers are cheesed off at the EU

It's all because of a cheaper Mexican alternative

Let's get something straight here, manchego cheese is v delicious: it's buttery and strong and a little bit salty. 

According to Spanish producers that's all under threat. Under a new exclusive trade deal, the EU has granted Mexican producers the right to use the name to describe a cheaper cows milk alternative (Spanish manchego is made with the milk from manchego sheep).

What it means: The battle over a name had delayed the trade deal for months. Spanish producers think allowing the cheaper alternative to share the name will confuse consumers and devalue their product.

Something called the Spanish Brotherhood of Manchego Cheese (yes!) has got involved. Ismael Álvarez de Toledo, the group's president, said the EU had put “other international interests” (the trade deal) ahead of those of food producers within the EU.

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