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Only six weeks left for a Brexit plan

Government ministers are meeting this Friday to try and sort something out

The EU and the UK are supposed to sign off a plan for Brexit in six weeks time. Problem is, there isn't one.

What it means: Leading government ministers are all meeting on Friday to try and come up with something to present to the EU.

Theresa May wants to convince them of a 'Norway-style' agreement, with the UK aligned with EU rules on trading manufacturing and agricultural goods, but not services.

The Business Secretary, Greg Clark, and International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, have hinted in the past week that if deadlines aren't met, the transition period (the time for governments to prepare the implementation of whatever's been agreed) may need to be extended... but 30 MPs delivered a letter to Theresa May saying she shouldn't allow that to happen, and must 'stand firm'.

The EU isn't going to make it is easy for the UK – they've said several times they're not keen on anything that feels like a 'cherry-picked' plan where the UK picks the bits of the single market it likes, and leaves the bits it doesn't (like free movement of people).

The UK and the EU have said they're preparing for what could happen if they can't agree on anything at all, and the UK ends up trading with the EU like any other country, without any special arrangements.

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