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Is the rise in violent crime because of police cuts?

According to the government: no; also according to the government: maybe

A leaked government document says that cuts to police numbers is a 'likely' factor in the rise in crime across the UK. The home secretary, who's the government person responsible for crime, says the two things are absolutely not related.

What it means: Since 2014, the number of police officers has fallen by 5%. According to the leaked document, this has led to a drop in 'charge rates'. It suggests that people could be "encouraged" to carry out crimes, largely because there's less chance of them getting caught. The report is clear that it's not the only reason, but it does say it's a significant factor in creating the environment that allowed crime to rise.

So far, the government line has been that there is no link between a fall in police numbers and a rise in crime. In fact, Amber Rudd, the home secretary, whose department is responsible for the report (the Home Office) previously said there isn't any evidence to suggest a lack of resources are responsible.

It's all about how the government  to spend its money. Critics of the government are arguing that cuts to spending, which the government says are necessary, are having a negative effect on peoples' lives. This leaked memo will add fuel to that claim.

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