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P&G want to *own* FML, NBD, LOL, and WTF. WTF?!

The company seems to think millennials want an 'emotional attachment' to their products - and these four acronyms sum up our emotions

Think you'd be more likely to buy laundry detergent if it was called 'FML'? Proctor & Gamble do.

What it means: In one of the more comical attempts to appeal to millennial consumers, consumer goods company Proctor & Gamble are trying to trademark 'FML' (f*** my life), 'LOL' (laughing out loud), 'WTF' (what the f***), and 'NBD' (no big deal) to use on their products.

People aren't exactly sure what they're thinking, but a few of P&G's investors have spoken recently about the need to appeal to the 'emotional needs' of young people... which apparently can be summed up by LOL WTF, FML NBD.

The government body responsible for deciding on this in the US doesn't really know what to think, so they've asked P&G to explain themselves. Obviously, this wouldn't mean we'd have to stop using these acronyms in our day to day - it just means P&G would 'own' them for commercial purposes, so no other firm could use them in advertising.

Read the full story: CNBC

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