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2019 is gonna be all about the ‘pet economy’

Appaz 2019 is the year of the “pet economy” i.e. people in the pet business are about to make a lorra lorra money.

What it means: Setting up a successful company isn’t just about having business smarts. You’ve also got to sell something everyone wants to buy. And according to the FT, one of the hottest business opps around right now is pets - selling ‘em, medicating ‘em, grooming ‘em, or stuffing ‘em after they trot off to doggy/kitty heaven (no, seriously, it’s a growing trend rn).

The reason? Millennials, who are not only more likely to have a pet than previous generations, but are spending more money than ever on them. Which means lots of new businesses being created to sell Pawsecco or pet-selfie gadgets. (And no, we did not make either of those things up).

Read our explainer on economic growth.

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