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Perhaps we should start prepping for a no-deal… just in case, says government

In the 'unlikely eventuality' that it happens, people should be ready, Brexit secretary says

The UK government will officially begin advising people on how to prep for leaving the EU without a deal - even though they still say it's an 'unlikely eventuality'.

What it means: No-deal Brexit means that the UK won't have any sort of special agreement with the European Union.

The EU and the UK are both members of the World Trade Organisation, which sets the rules for international trade between the vast majority of countries in the world. Base WTO rules essentially strip out any kind of incentives or protections for people on either side of a trade deal. Unless you have an agreement that overrides basic WTO rules, those are the ones you follow.

Through trade deals, countries can negotiate things like shared databases, reduces taxes on imports and exports, and support for certain industries important to both parties.

In this case, in the event of a no-deal, Brits are getting worried about losing access to the EU-wide crime database, about shortages of medicines and medical devices because of a change to rules around transporting these types of goods, and a lack of trade to sustain UK farms (if EU take their business elsewhere).

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