People helping people in Manchester
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People are using what they have to help people affected by the Manchester attack in some pretty amazing ways

Sometimes people just want to help

When something terrible happens – a terror attack, a natural disaster, an accident – wanting to help is a pretty natural human response.

The reaction of people in Manchester this week shows you don’t have to have much to use your own economic power (your job, your home, your online skills, your actual blood) to help.

Here’s just a few of the ways people around the world have been helping in the hours and days following the attack, in any way they can.

Cab drivers working for free

Crowdfunding for people affected

MEN Just Giving


The Manchester Evening News, a local paper, set up this page to raise money for the families of people injured in the attack.

Help Chris Parker Crowdfund


This page was set up for Chris Parker, a homeless man who ran in to the arena to help the injured after the bomb.



The RoomForManchester hashtag was flooded with people offering rooms, phone chargers and help to those stranded in the city.

The newsroom pizza chain


Reporters from the Boston Globe (Boston was hit by a terrorist attack in 2013) sent pizzas to reporters covering the story from the Manchester Evening News newsroom.

Giving blood


Manchester blood banks said they were "full to the rafters" after people rushed to donate

Free hugs!


And if all else fails, you can always just give someone a hug.


There have been so many examples of kindness all over the UK and the world the past few days. But if you want to help, you can read this guide for ideas. 

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