Now advertisers have taken aim at Facebook, will it change its ways?

Advertisers are threatening to withdraw "hard money" from the platform

Advertising companies are talking tough at Facebook after a data breach put millions of customers at risk.

What it means: Mark Zuckerberg's apologised, MPs and Congress have called for him to give evidence, there are loads and loads of hashtags...

A data breach at Facebook allowed a company access to millions of peoples' profiles, which it then used to help political clients. It's thought the company's work could have influenced the US election.

Users are pretty pissed off, and lots of people are quitting the platform. But according to the body which represents advertising companies, advertisers could also quit too.

Advertising is a huge part of Facebook's business model. The boss of one of the world's biggest advertising agencies told the BBC today that it's only advertisers putting pressure on Facebook that would help bring about change at the social networking business.

"It is much more likely to be hard money from advertisers rather than consumers running hashtags on Twitter."

Facebook has two sets of customers: users, like us, and advertisers. The assumption here is that it's advertisers that have the most influence over the company, because they're the ones spending all the money.

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