Not one of the top 100 earners in sport is a woman

Are people just not interested, or are we not investing enough?

Serena Williams turns around for one minute to have the world's cutest baby, and suddenly there's not a single woman on the top 100 earners in sport worldwide. What's that about?

What it means: Turns out sports is the industry with one of, if not the, largest gender pay gaps. Serena Williams was the only woman among the top 100 earners last year, and Maria Sharapova before that. This year, it's a men-only list – topped by Floyd Mayweather earning a cool $275 million.

Now, it's not like the women a few ranks down aren't earning enough – Williams banked $18 million even during her pregnancy through sponsorship – but it's the inequality that people are highlighting here.

Some say TV stations aren't giving women's sport enough airtime, which makes it seem like people aren't interested, and stops women athletes from getting sponsorship.

TV stations would likely respond that people genuinely aren't as interested in women's sport: but cases like the one last year where 5 female football players in America generated $20m more in revenue with their games but still got paid less than their male counterparts, prove it's not that simple.

It's also a chicken-and-egg problem: even if you did feel women's sports weren't as high quality as men's, the less financial support women's sports get, the lower the quality of the facilities and coaching they have access to is, the harder it is to up their game.

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