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M&S is closing 100 stores across the country

It's becoming a familiar tale: online shopping, business, rates, staff costs = death of the high street

It's almost becoming one of those stories you could copy-paste and re-write time and time again (though we obvs wouldn't do that) – the rise of online shopping, business rates, and staff costs mean [insert store here] is closing [x branches] by [x year].

What it means: There's an undeniable trend hitting all the main stores we're used to seeing on the high street, and now it's M&S's turn. The store is closing a third of its home and clothing branches across the country by 2022.

It's pretty scary news for the 872 employees working there – they'll be offered a transfer to other sites before being made redundant, but even that would mean relocating from their homes. Their union accused the store of 'salami slicing' their comms on the whole thing – they'd said a few years ago they'd close 30 stores, then 60, and now it's 100.

We spoke to campaigners across the UK about what's going on with our high streets and why we should save them here – have a read.

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  • ClawV23

    So they’re more or less becoming homeless on purpose and taking advantage of people’s kindness? That’s very disappointing, I’ve always imagined myself walking on the path of the monk but my idea of a modern monk was to achieve a level of independence at which I can grow my own food on a piece of land I own, make my own hemp clothes and live in a small log cabin somewhere outside civilization instead of begging people for a bowl of food.