Club 18-30 holiday
Club 18-30

Millennials are very over club 18-30 holidays

We just don't vacay that way

Thomas Cook, the UK travel agent, is considering dropping club 18-30 holidays.

What it means: Sun, sea, sand, sex, booze, booze, booze, booze. Club 18-30 holidays were aimed at people who wanted to party, weren't all that interested in culture, saw eating as cheating, and didn't really care what their hotel was like. There was an ITV documentary about the lives of the 'reps' – basically party captains, and the antics of holiday makers were pretty much never out of the tabloids.

But it's all gone a bit... quiet, and Thomas Cook has said it's considering selling the brand.

As the Independent's travel editor put it: "It is a tired and tarnished brand - people who went on its first holidays in the 1970s are now in their 70s!"

It's all about how millennials spend their money. Tastes have changed, and it's been well documented that we're more interested in "experiences" (read, instagrammable experiences). That means festivals, not crappy night clubs. Good food, nice hotels, pretty locations.

The travel industry is having to adapt to the way we live our lives and spend our money. In business speak, it's called innovation. People use it as a way of describing everything from investing billions to create a new robot, to just coming up with a new idea for your business. In normal speak, it's called keeping up with the times.

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