Martin Lewis is suing Facebook

And he's pissed

It hasn't been a great couple of months for Facey B. This latest law suit is about 'reputational damage' after Facebook allowed fake ads to appear bearing Martin Lewis's name.

What it means: Money Saving Expert is known for giving impartial financial advice. Martin Lewis, the guy who started it (he then sold it but it still uses his face and name as an integral part of the brand – that bit's important) said the ads imply he's endorsing products he's not, and often contain false information.

Lewis is taking aim at big technology companies – the issues he's suing on ones that the law hasn't managed to come to a conclusion on since the explosion of online companies like Facebook. The main ones are: 1) Is Facebook legally responsible for anything published under its banner? 2) Which jurisdiction (another word for country, basically) does it operate under – if it's not actually based in the UK, can it be subject to UK law?

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