Marmite’s moving to the Netherlands

Apparently it's got nothing to do with Brexit

Unilever, the company behind some of the UK's biggest brands, including Marmite and Persil, is moving its HQ out of the UK.

What it means: Both the UK government and Unilever are insisting it's not 'cos of Brexit. Unilever is a huge multinational, it's currently based in both countries, and it's Dutch business is a bit bigger, so wants to be based there. Last year, a US-based rival Kraft tried to   the company, and Dutch law will also protect it a bit better from an unwanted take over attempt happening again. It's said it will still keep its staff in UK, it just won't be based there.

But it's still not a *great* look for the government. Lots of businesses are really anxious about what will happen when the UK leaves the EU, trading with other countries will potentially become more difficult and more expensive. A number of businesses have already toyed with the idea of moving already. London's deputy mayor for business, a guy called Rajesh Agrawal, said that Unilever's decision is "disappointing", and shows that the government needs to protect London businesses in its Brexit negotiations.

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