Mark Zuckerberg got grilled by senators

And all we can talk about is his seat

OK it's not all we can talk about, but Mark Zuckerberg did decide to testify about Facebook – in other words, answer lots of difficult questions from lots of angry senators – from a booster seat.

Presumably the extra padding was to make 5ft7 Mark a bit more comfortable in that super imposing room, but as a Buzzfeed journalist put it, doesn't Capitol Hill (one of the most important rooms in the whole universe) have any bigger chairs?

What it means: Well, it means that the internet is distracting us all from Facebook's big old data breach by doing what it does best and making fun of billionaire Zuck, the old classic "he's a big bab..." oh, you mean what does it mean about economics? Soz...

*cracks fingers*

Senators are really, really angry about Facebook's data breach. The question here is whether Facebook has got so big it's lost control. Mark Zuckerberg said he's in a constant battle with Russian data operators who are trying to exploit the platform.

Senators are saying they're considering slapping more  on Facebook. Basically, putting more rules on how it does business to stop things like the Cambridge Analytica leak happening again.

People disagree over how much power governments can have over business – while some people think they should be left alone to do what they do best and make loads of money, others think companies should be restricted to make sure they're acting in peoples' best interests.

Good memes though.

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