So many people wanted the new Millennial Railcard it crashed the website 

We all want those deals

In the last Budget in November, the Chancellor announced a new railcard that would offer cash-strapped millennials up to a third off rail fares. 10,000 were released this morning, and we're all so desperate for the deals the website crashed.

What it means: The plan was to extend the very popular Young Person's Railcard to include more people. For a £30 flat fee, you get up to a third off all train tickets. Today's release was a trial, the government wanted to see what the impact would be on train companies – whether or not they'd lose money, and whether or not passenger numbers would go up so much, they wouldn't be able to cope.

The rail system in the UK is run by , but because travelling around is so important to the economy (it means people can get to work, or can visit other places, for example) the government is still quite involved in how it's run and how much those tickets can cost. In fact, it used to be completely run by the government, and a lot of people are arguing it should go back to that.

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