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Make salaries transparent to close the gender pay gap, says charity

The pressure shouldn't fall on individual employees to negotiate their worth, according to Young Women's Trust

A charity called Women's Trust has called for a ban on excluding pay from job adverts, as a way of closing the gender pay gap.

What it means: Mandatory reporting which came into effect in April this year demonstrated that on the whole, men in the UK earn 18.4% than women, and three quarters of companies employing over 250 employees pay men more than women.

One potential cause of the gender pay gap is women and men taking a different approach to negotiating their pay. Women's Trust research found that nearly half of advertised jobs do not include wage details, especially common in the private sector. Which means prospective employees must declare their previous pay or their salary expectations and negotiate from there.

New York and California have banned this practice, saying salaries should be displayed transparently so employees know what the position is worth to a firm and don't have the pressure placed on themselves to set their value.

Some will disagree, saying each individual employee should negotiate how much they''d bring to a firm, depending on what they think they could earn elsewhere, and what their expectations are. But this charity says the move could help equalise the gender pay gap by taking off the pressure from the individual.

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