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There are lots more jobs in the US, but wages aren’t playing ball

Investors happy, job seekers happy, employees... not so much

The number of jobs in the US has gone up more than anyone expected. But the increase in wages is slowing down.

What it means: Great news if you're out of work. There were 313,000 new jobs in the US in February, compared to the 200,000 predicted. Construction jobs led the way, with 61,000 new positions, followed by retail and professional and business services (50,000), manufacturing (31,000) and financial activities (28,000). Health care added 19,000 while mining saw 9,000 new jobs

But not so great if you're in work. Wages didn't rise as quickly as hoped. That could be because there are still a lot of people looking for work, which means competition for jobs is high.

Investors are pretty happy. Jobs are often used as a sign the economy is doing well and businesses are producing lots. And although it would be much better for workers if wages rose, investors get worried that if businesses pay their staff more they'll increase prices, which leads to inflation. They're calling it a 'goldilocks' economy: just right (for investors).

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