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London cab drivers are considering a billion pound lawsuit against Uber

They're saying they've lost £10,000 in foregone earnings because of the company

London cabbies are deciding whether to put forth the biggest challenge to Uber yet: a billion pound lawsuit, Sky News reports.

What it means: The cabbie vs Uber driver dispute has been going on pretty much since the app was launched (it's now used in London more than any other European city).

Uber lost its license in September because of accusations of a data breach, not reporting sexual assaults, and various other issues with the way it operated. They say they've implemented reforms and were given a probationary license for 15 months in June.

But London cabbies aren't convinced... nor do they feel they've got their revenge for all the difficulties Uber's caused them. The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Assocation says Uber cost each taxi driver approx. £10,000 over the last five years in lost earnings, during a time in which , given all the accusations which emerged, they shouldn't have been operating.

They're talking to law firms about whether to sue, exploring additional arguments alongside this one like the question of whether it is environmentally friendly, or good urban management, to have two competing taxi systems on the roads.

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